Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep - Aqua & Terra

Aqua Cosplay By: JestersLabyrinth Cosplay

Terra Cosplay By: Blayze

Taken @ Anime Expo 2014

Week 34 August 20-26

Still bright after Dark Clouds =]

Wednesday Midnight, we got a thunderstorm that stormed louder than before here in the Inland Empire. It was my first week back working for the school, and that dark cloud kind of hung around a bit. Did a No Game No Life shoot with friends the start of the weekend and that was a blast. I got to see my Cousin’s newborn daughter Zoey, it’s crazy because I look up to him through my childhood and still do. Next week I want to try to shoot more friends in the most awesome-est kinds of ways and play around with photoshop.

Because Heather tagged me:

My 20 on Shuffle(it’s going to be pretty odd):

1. Asian Kung-Fu Generation - Rocket No. 4

2. Eminem - So Bad

3. Childish Gambino - Urn

4. Bastille - The Silence

5. Rooster Teeth Podcast - #210 (This might be the start of it…)

6. The Patch Podcast - #60

7. AFI - Greater Than 84

8. Deadmau5 - I Said

9. Eminem - I Won’t Back Down

10. The Patch Podcast - #53

11. Drunk Tank Podcast - #88

12. Jeff Williams/Steve Goldshein - Emerald Forest Pt.1

13. Drunk Tank Podcast - #83

14. Tron: Legacy: Reconfigured - Fall

15. Joe Rogan Podcast - #405

16. Rooster Teeth Podcast - #177

17. Avenge Sevenfold - Gunslinger

18. Kanye West - Slow Jamz

19. Artic Monkeys - No. 1 Party Anthem

20. Kill La Kill Soundtrack - Before My Body is Dry

I enjoy listening to podcasts haha! Still feel like there’s a bunch missing, music and podcasts lol

Stay Awesome!

Week 33 August 13-19

Cats, Dogs, and bringing my butt to the gym this week. Dancing again, this month has been kind of a throwback. Defintely seeing a lot of old friends and faces as well looking back at the things worked on. This week started with taking Amanda’s Lovie to Petco, Lovie made the angriest face because a fly was bothering her xD. Later on in the week, went to the Animal Shelter with Amanda, she donated a lot of brand new things for the kittens there, they are so adorable.

Things Learned: hmm, working out 5 straight daays a week takes a big toll, regardless if I feel it or not.

Stay Awesome Everyone =]

Pokemon Gijinka - Ivysaur

Cosplay by:

Taken @ Anime Expo 2014

Hakuoki SSL - Chizuru x Sanosuke
Cosplays by: Dead End Cosplay
Taken @ Anime Expo 2014

A night of awesome

A night of awesome

League of Legends - Nidalee

Cosplay by: Eunyeah

Taken @ Anime Expo 2014

League of Legends - Striker Ezreal

Cosplay by: Dot Cosplay

Taken @ Anime Expo 2014

Princess Mononoke - San

Cosplayed by: Ryoko and Yami Cosplay

Taken @ Anime Expo 2014

Kill La Kill - Nonon & Sanageyama
Nonon Cosplay By: Eunyeah
Sanageyama cosplay by: Dot Cosplay
Taken @ Anime Expo 2014

Titan Thursday!

Attack on Titan - Annie Leonhardt & Armin Arlert

Annie Cosplay by:

Armin Cosplay by:

Taken @ Anime Expo 2014

Photography by: Bitsphotography